Odyssey_Edu is developed using DirectX.  Windows systems, or a virtual machine environment (e.g., VirtualBox) on Mac/Linux system are supported.

To install Odyssey_Edu, please go through the following two steps.

step 1: download and install Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime

step 2: download and install Odyssey_Edu.exe


Release Note:

  • Odyssey_Edu_1.00.150.exe (released: Nov. 2015)

We welcome users to send us any bug reports or suggestions via the following email address: hypu@asiaa.sinica.edu.tw

[see examples here to explore the ray around a black hole]

In the Control Panel, users can also choose the number of rays by using either the Single Ray Mode (one test ray):


or the Multiple Ray Mode (with a user-defined number of rays, distributed in a user-defined impact area):


In both modes, users can change the inclination angle, black hole spin, and show/hide the event horizon as well as the ergosphere.

The resulting photon trajectories will be displayed in real-time in the Image Panel:ip

Users can explore the details by zooming in/out, or rotating the camera position by using the mouse. One can get various tips by press “F1″ on the window of the image panel.

Snapshots may be saved in .png, .jpg, and .bmp image formats, and the trajectories can be saved in .txt format. (See instructions here)